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At Ai Designs we create precious and semiprecious stones jewellery to taste of the individual client for an original design “Only One” We also produce repeatable commercial designs for our wholesale clients.


We would like to explain how to we create custom order.

Step 1.

Please let us know your rough budget or desired jewellery category. For example, I would like to remodel this sapphire ring to a pendant in 18ct white gold. I would like it to be simple but something unique and original etc…

You can simply send us e-mail from
Contact form!

Step 2.

Our international jewellery designer will prepare a few design drawings for you in the finished products sizes. Also, we can give you an estimate of the cost and you can compare our competitive prices.

Step 3.

If you are happy with one of our designs; We also can create the same design in 3D! (Optional) We will use “Jewellery Cad” so you can see the design from every angle. Of course; should you wish to change the design for example by making the ring band thicker or seeing the design with or without diamonds etc… we can show you as well.

Step 4.

Did you like the 3D images? OK, so now we can give you an exact quote based on the 3D (Cad data) image that we created and can now produce the exact same item mould.  Then a very experienced Japanese goldsmith will produce you exclusive “Only One” Jewellery. Guaranteeing great quality and value!


The finished product will be the exact same size as the 3D Cad image.  Except that it will much better looking, because it is the real gem!

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