About Ai Designs | Let Your Spirit Shine

Ai Designs is the brain child of Naoko Okanishi Trujillo, who under the professional name of Naoko Luis has built a reputation as a designer of exquisite high fashion jewellery in the Australian, Japanese as well as the Asian markets.

The company’s mission is to offer its local and international customers with high quality fashion jewellery that reflects and highlights the inner spiritual beauty of the wearer. To align itself with other like-minded designers and to offer their combined concepts and designs for the benefit of the world. This is reflected on the company’s motto “Let Your Spirit Shine”. With vision, foresight and dedication Naoko hopes to grow the company on the principles of providing a wide range of designs, exclusive designs in a friendly setting whilst maintaining the highest standards of service and integrity.

The company name is derived from the Japanese word ‘Ai’ which can be translated as ‘Love’ or ‘Harmony’. It is pronounced like the personal pronoun ‘I’ in English. The company’s name and motto reflect the harmonious and spiritual environment where like-minded designers and clients can share their love of beautiful designs “Ai Designs, My Designs”.

The company offers the following product ranges:

Ai Designs Casual Range

The glass bead range offers a set of products in distinctive colours that will bring joy and happiness

The semi precious stone range offers a set of products set in nickel free metals or in 925 silver for the more discerning customer.

Ai Designs Custom Order Range

For those customers that seek unique designs that reflect their own inner spirit, the company offers exclusive designs in precious stones set in gold, white gold and platinum.