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Beautiful vintage Japanese Kimono jacket (Michiyuki Haori) (half-length) 


Condition: Excellent condition silk blend material.

It has never been use


It has Shitsuke stitches.( Shitsuke stitches mean it has never been used. Japanese kimono artists or creators, who make or remodel a new kimono, will add these stitches to shows that the kimono is new and has never been used.) Please cut off Shitsuke stitches when you wear it. It is easy to recognise which are Shitsuke stitches because it is long and large stitches


Colour: Hot pink


Size: Total length 88 cm. (Approx. Australian size 8 to 14) the Michiyuki haori is worn kept closed.

Across bust (side length): 57 cm (Approx.114 cm around)

This mannequin's bust size: 90 cm


It can be worn as a dress gown, a night gown or can be remodelled to make a beautiful dress.

Japanese kimono jacket collectable fabric (Michiyuki)

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